Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout

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You can now Experience the Thrill and Excitement of Hunting and Catching Trophy “Red Fin” Lake Trout on Light Weight Spinning Tackle.

I could spend hours telling you about how you can actually spot and cast to these Jumbo Lakers – but I’d rather you see what my Guests have accomplished. You don’t have to be an expert fisherman for you and your family and friends to have the best time of your life.

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One of the interesting things about piloting the MJ is hanging out with all of the families and friends and seeing their kids grow up with good morals, values and ethics.  Take a look at some of the fish pics Miss Brittany Potton and her family have landed aboard the MJ.  This is the real America and we as sportsmen need to encourage this lifestyle.

“They Didn’t Think I Could, But I Did it!  I  Landed the Biggest Baddest Fish!”

“I have caught several Trophy Lake Trout with Captain Greg.  The Biggest-to-Date was 28 ½ pounds and I have our Family Record. I released that Monster Laker and there is a replica of my Trophy  mounted in my parent’s living room. It was definitely a Trophy of a Life Time.”

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My little Brother Caught a 26 pounder – but I beat Him!

BrendonBrother2 Fishing Resouce Center

Uncle Larry Caught a  Monster  – and I beat Him!

LarryFamily Fishing Resouce Center

Dad still trying his best – but I have them all Beat!

JeffDad Fishing Resouce Center

“You do not have to be the Best Fisherman (or woman) to catch Big Lake Trout with Captain Greg.  He has the systems and patience to get you into the fish, over and over again all day long. When a reef stops producing, he hunts up another spot that is stacked full of fish and then “The Bite” starts all over again…”

“It is incredible. This is real fishing and it’s great action. I can not count all the times we have had Doubles, Triples, and Quadruples and Yes, 6 “Fish On” at one time. That means every Guest on the boat has a fish on at the same time.  That is what I call a Blast.”

“Here are a couple of “Nice Ones” that I boated in the early season, and yes, we have “Limited Out” every time at the Rock.  Typically we release the “Big Ones” to grow and reproduce, and only keep the young ones for Grilling.  If you get a chance to have a fish grilled at Bear Mountain Lodge you’ll soon learn why everyone loves eating these delicious fish.”

“The Boat is great too, there is a full size rest room, hot running water and plenty of space for a cribbage game on the way out to the Rock.  Or you can take a power nap like my little brother does as there is plenty bunk space.  The MJ is a great boat and the “Moose Man” has it set-up to make it easy to fish.”

“When you are ready to do a Family Adventure go to the Rock.  I have fished with my parents, both Grandfathers, my brother, two Uncles, and my cousin.  I will remember these experiences for the rest of my life!”

StannardRockBritClose1 Fishing Resouce Center

P.S. I don’t have much time in my busy schedule with school and work,  but I always make time to go with my family to the “Rock”  (Uncle Larry did catch a  Nice One but my fish was Bigger.)

This is your Captain speaking, see for yourself what you have been missing.

Fishing is Fishing – But not all Fishing is Equal.  Light Tackle Fishing for World Class Lake Trout is not just fishing, it’s an addictive obsession.  There are only so many days in a fisherman’s life and any day you spend fishing Lake Trout at Stannard Rock… Well, those days don’t count against the total days allotted to your life.

This Investment is a “Best Buy” for your Time and Money.

Rates, Options and Pricing

“I have caught more Lake Trout than I can count on board the “MJ” and I am talking Trophy Class Lake Trout.
On one trip, my father and my younger brother and I all landed “Monsters” and the State of Michigan issued each of us “Master Angler Awards”.
That’s a lot of Big Big Fish!  So it’s no mystery why Captain Greg has this tremendous reputation among Trophy Anglers!”

P5270003 Fishing Resouce Center

“I have fished with several other Charter Boat Captains back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and not one of them can compare to the quality or quantity of fishing you experience with MJ Charters.”

And here’s Why….

1) The Captain – Greg has the experience and the brains to consistently keep you in “The Bite” He hunts up the fish and then sets you up to drift right on top of the feeding fish.”

2) The Boat – The MJ is a fishing Machine, unlike the other boats the MJ is properly set-up for fishing in the front, seats & rod holders on both sides and in the back cockpit.  You are spread out and  are not trying to find that “One-Spot” to catch fish.  Any where and every where on the boat is an excellent spot.

3) The Gear – The tackle is all tricked out, Shimano spinning reels, Graphite fishing rods, Berkley Fireline with Mono Shockers and high quality Spoons and Jigs. This makes a difference. No Junk tackle like other charters I’ve been on.

4) Trophy Class Fish – There specific ways to fish for and catch the Monsters, and Captain Greg is a Master at this art.  He knows how to bring the very biggest fish up to the surface and that is where you spot ’em and cast to them. Incredible fishing as the Big Lakers are come to the top water all around the boat.

5) Maximum Limit – Like my father before me I really like limiting out. I have never been to the Rock with Captain Greg and not limited out. He does all the extras to get you into feeding fish. While other charters claim to fish light tackle, when things get tough they switch over to trolling.  Not Captain Greg he finds a new reef and stays true to the light tackle fishing which makes for all the fun.

Everything about your fishing adventure has been thought out and is first class.

I have a busy schedule, and both time and money are important to me.  But I always make time with my family and friends to do an annual Rock Trip with Captain Greg.  And I can still remember our first trip back in the summer 1992 and I go EVERY YEAR.

-Dan Bianchi, CPA – Partner – Anderson-Tackman, CPA

P.S. Every Time we LIMIT OUT!!!

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Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout