Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout

“Fishing Machine”

World Class Light Tackle Lake Trout Fishing

BattleWagonclick Fishing Machine

The MJ was selected for one purpose: to take you to Stannard Rock Light House  so you can hunt and catch monster “Red Fin” Lake Trout plus you get to fill the cooler with  great eating fish.

This is the Ultimate Lake Superior fishing machine. The demanding fisherman finds this set-up tricked out so he can focus on hammering the fish. You won’t be wasting your time frogging around. You will be in the middle of feeding fish and you will be transformed into the fish slayer.

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The MJ is a world-class charter boat. For those who are looking to have a good time on a party boat they will find the MJ a willing host. The Good Time fisherman will find the MJ the greatest party wagon on the lake. Plenty of room to chase those big ole Lakers and when you do “Hook-up” your friends will have to stop fishing and watch you do the deed and show everyone “how its done”.

The MJ is set-up for the competent fisherman who likes to kick back and relax. Catch a lot of nice fish using your style.  You don’t have put up with all the headaches of  having to do things the way the crowd does.  Do it your way and enjoy your life while you can. Those who seek  to have things done right will appreciate the full set-up of the MJ because this boat and fishing system was analyzed by an engineer and all the systems and process were thought out.

You will find things done right or they won’t be done at all. When you journey to the center of the worlds largest wilderness lake, you won’t be following the crowd.


fishing machine Fishing Machine


The “MJ”, pride of the Lake Superior fishing fleet.  This is a fully dressed Battle Wagon (18 ton motor vessel), which will take you to the center of the universe in comfort. Comfortable seats, fully enclosed cabin, big windows for viewing, bunks for power naps, a fridge filled with snacks and treats and a full size bathroom gives you a hassle free trip. You will not be sitting on a bucket underneath an old canvas top trying to stay out of the elements.

The MJ is big and  has a hardtop with a big sliding door in the back for easy in and out. Load up on snacks, drinks and lures and head up to the front deck where you will hook and land enough Trophies to fill up the Big Cooler. Big windows are a unique feature of the MJ.  This motor vessel is built the same as a Ship, by that I mean it is all welded aluminum, Making the boat lighter and providing for a lower center of gravity and that means big windows and easy cruising to the fishing grounds.

While other boats are  bobbing like a cork the MJ slices through the crystal clear waters on your journey to the finest Lake Trout fishing in all of the  the Great Lakes. When the sliding doors are closed and the heat is turn up high the MJ makes for great power naps on your way home after a long day of battling and landing Lake Superior’s  Apex Predator.

You can step up onto the fly bridge and catch the solar rays beaming down from above as you sun yourself high above the rest of the crowd. The fly bridge is spectacular for taking pictures of your friends and family or for making a video of how you came to the center of the big lake and made time stand still as you built memories that will last forever.

The boat has walk around decks, which allows easy access to the front of the boat where there are seats for comfortable fishing and relaxing. The walk around decks have hand rails to make access easy and safe.  When you get a  real Monster on and he takes you for laps around and the boat – you will really appreciate having a clear walk way to keep up. 

Plus when it comes time for picture taking the layout is great. There are two landing stations on the vessel. Up front and in the Back. This makes for easy and fast landing so we can get your fish in the cooler and you can get back to hooking into those bad boys. When you get a really big trophy you are recommended to take your time and enjoy all the pleasures of taking photos.  

As you will see through out this website I personally take the extra steps to capture first class picture so you will have proof to go with your “Fish Tales”.  Some people spend their entire lives without catching a real 30 pound trophy on Light tackle and refuse to believe you when you tell of your adventures…

So that is why I put in the extra effort to not only get you into the Monster of the Rock – but also to catch that moment in eternity.

Rates, Options and Pricing

Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout