Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout

5 Levels of fishing

The Secret to Living a truly Noble life, Even  In These Trying Times…

There are far to many things in modern society to overwhelm us from doing what is truly important.  Here are the Five Super Secrets to building  memories and stories that will last forever.  I believe that Fishing & Hunting are two of the most natural and important instincts that human beings can and should enjoy.  This natural intuition is in our blood and heritage.  Secrets and methods have been passed down through family from generation to generation.

There are five levels that were passed down to me by my Father.  He did not put them in words but rather we lived these different levels together as a father and son and I wanted to share these with you.

1) Casting the Rod and working the Lure.  This is the basic skill that each and everyone of us has to start at.  At the “Rock” you will be armed and ready to face the challenges of catching a fish. Casting the rod, working the retrieve to creat the strike, setting the hook and battling the beast are all part of casting.  I will set the boat up on top of the fish so you drift silently over top of the beast and you cast to these beauties.  Your job is to be working the lure through the pump action in the rod and the stop and go action of the spinning reel.  You will be enticing the beast to strike, these brutes are at the top of the food chain and they have to eat or they will be eaten themselves. This is the ancient, universal law of survival.  These Lake Trout  must consume to grow and thrive.

Learning and mastering these skills are paramount for a truly successful life as a sportsman. Imagine the razor sharp hooks of your favorite red & white dare devle splashing down in front of a Monster Laker.

This is Real Fishing… The slow seductive wiggle, the fast snap and reel, the dead drop, the slow drag, let it hang, all different techniques combine together to take you to Level II.

2) Catching a Fish –  You are Now Ready for Level II  – you will have big followers  that are enticed by your casting and working off the lure. To the first time fisherman at the Rock,  there is no greater thrill than “Hooking Up” with your first fish.  Feel the Power as lightening is flashed through your line into your graphite rod. There are a few words in this world that Rock a person to the core of their being – “Fish ON!”  There is an excitement that is transmitted into all the fishermen.  However I must warn you, this may just change your life, as you land your first fish and those three magical words are excitedly spoken “It’s a Keeper.”

You have moved up a notch to the top of the food chain and you’ve earned your rights at the table.  Why?  Because you are bringing home DINNER.  And that my friend is a gratifying feeling.

Those who hunt and slay the beast to bring home the tender pink fillets are of much more value in this world  than those who just pick Banana’s.  The satisfaction of limiting out and the feeling of self worth is the secret to what fishing is all about.

3) Filling the Cooler – When was the last time YOU limited out?  I can remember vividly the first time I limited out. It was in the hot summer of 1968, my father and I “Night Fished” for Rainbows in the deep clear waters of Cedar Lake just outside of Paw Paw, Michigan. Staying out all night (we got home at 5 am and to say the least mom was a little mad) I caught 9 nice “Bows” to my Dads 1, a great limit of 10 plump rainbows.  It was my day to be a hero. As I write this – I reflect back that this may have been a turning point for a 12 year old.

Those were the days , of the 21 Cut Throat Trout, Oh Yes, real beauties, I caught them off the famous “Fishing Bridge” on the Yellowstone River.  That was July 21, 1969 the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, I think he was up there collecting rocks… talk about historic events – Me & Neil – well that is amazing how we build memories.  Those days in the mountains of the Western United State were great  but that is a story for another time…

4) The Trophy – Catching the “Wall Hanger
” this is the next step in the pinnacle of life. Fishin, Catchin, and Filling the Cooler, are all great achievements and are important parts of every sportsman’s life.  But Landing a Monster Lake Trout on light weight spinning tackle  is where the gin clear water is the sweetest, the soft air is the freshest, and the sky’s the Bluest.

As the Captain of the MJ, I  always recommend going to level IV immediately, preferably on your very  first cast.  From there on, it’s easy street.  Imagine my  eyes as every time the lid on the cooler is lifted to place another good eater into the cooler. Oh yes, that’s a great way to fill the cooler, Monster Lakers from Stannard Rock.

5) Level 5 Fishing – Just Fishin. Being in a world where a fisherman’s prowls are considered at a premium. You don’t have to push yourself. You can relax and enjoy your time of the planet.

Being with family and friends while fishing is one of the greatest pleasures one can have in this world. Some of our guests never tire and thrash the water to the very end, while others who have been successful and reach so many pinnacles in life find a great pleasure in Just Fishin.

Well there you have Captain Greg’s Secrets of Life!  That’s how you will build memories with your family and friends that last a life time.  These are the adventures  passed down from generation to generation.  I invite you to join me and my first mate on an incredible adventure as you journey with us into the heart of the Worlds Largest Wilderness Lake where you will hunt and catch world class Trophy “Red Fin” Lakers on light weight spinning tackle – I can hear the sweet sound of “Fish-On”, “Double”, “Triple” and the voice boom over the water – “Net Man – Net Man We Need another Net up here” …as I head to the rescue…

I invite you to pick up the phone and call me (800) 676-9821 to find out how you can do this incredible fishing adventure

Fishing Stannard Rock – Trophy "Red Fin" Lake Trout